Friday, October 13, 2006

We Can Have Heroes
Some of mine are: George Monbiot (best living columnist), James Loewen (author of Lies My Teacher Told Me),Cal Ripkin, Robert Bly, Amy Wallace, William Blake, Robert Pirsig, Neil Young, Helen Highwater, Ralph Nader, Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan, Russ Kick (the Memory Hole) Ralph Maughan, Jeff Rense, Ran Prieur, Robin Williams, John Brown, Robin Williams, Jon Stewart...

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  1. Latest hero:

    Naked Man Caught Delivering Newspapers In Norman
    Officers Stop Car Over Broken Tag Light

    POSTED: 9:55 am CDT September 5, 2003
    NORMAN, Okla. -- A man delivering newspapers in Norman was arrested this week after police said they caught him on the job naked, Eyewitness News 5 reported Thursday.

    Man Caught Delivering Newspapers Naked

    The man, 59, was pulled over in his car for a broken tag light outside Norman resident Ruby Jo Leverich's home.

    "I heard this policeman say, 'Get out of the car,' and apparently the man didn't obey him," Leverich said. "The officer then said, 'I said please get out of the car.'"

    The man again refused, Leverich said, and when the officer approached the car, he noticed that the man didn't have any clothes on.

    "He was naked," Lt. Tom Easley, of the Norman Police Department, said.

    The driver was Leverich's paper deliveryman, police said.

    "He claimed to have engaged in this sort of behavior for the last three weeks, including taking newspapers up to people's doors in that condition," Easley said.

    The man will face a $140 indecent exposure fine, police said.


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