Friday, January 23, 2015

With all the importance being placed on under-inflated footballs, I wondered 
about a few simple questions: 
1. Did NFL officials measure the temperature and barometric pressure in the room 
where the balls were originally tested before the game? 
2. How does that compare to the field conditions where the game was played and 
how much did those weather conditions change during the course of the game? 
3. After the game was finished, how long was it before NFL officials checked the 
air pressure again? And did they check the balls in the same room, or in another 
room with different climate conditions? 
4. How often does the NFL check footballs after games and how often does the air 
pressure drop in footballs according to their meticulous records? And do they 
account for changes in barometric pressure between the times when the balls are 

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