Sunday, June 16, 2013

Brighten up your Solstice even more

Brighten up your solstice even more

Although we are currently delighted to be in the month of summer solstice, don't let this brightness deceive you. The darkening autumnal equinox will soon be upon us and before you know it, children walking to school, bicyclists, and craftspeople will be scrambling for more light.

Just as many people ceremoniously switch out smoke detector batteries during seasonal shifts, now is the perfect time for a little light maintenance. To celebrate our solstice consider purchasing a fresh flashlight from one of our fine valley hardware stores. Many carry a wide array of beacons; some with ultra efficient light emitting diodes. Some flashy lights recharge through solar means, while others operate in perpetuum through a few light shakes. While you're at it wipe the muck off your headlamps, to better sense the elk nonchalantly jaywalking across our highways.

Yes, paradoxically a flashlight is one of the best gifts you can give while our shadows are still small. Six months from now these operable beacons can be used to dig out some beach music from your archives to warm the heart and bring more joy to whatever Winter Solstice celebration you might be joining. Whenever I hand a flashlight to a friend, I think of the esteemed German philosopher Goethe's last profound words of "Mehr Licht!"

Monday, June 03, 2013



If you have an excuse, don't use it. 

Most experts are failures at making excuses.


Excuses fool no one but the person who makes them.

There are always enough excuses available if you are weak enough to use them. 

A real man is one who finds excuses for others, but never for himself.


You can catch some men without money, without tobacco, but never without an excuse.

There aren't really enough crutches in the world for all the lame excuses.

Never give an excuse that you would not be willing to accept.

An excuse is usually a thin skin of falsehood stretched tightly over a bald faced lie.

It is soon going to be too hot to do the job it was too cold to do last winter.

An excuse is a statement given to cover up for a duty not well done or not done at all.

If you need some kind of excuse see your preacher, he has heard more than anybody else.

The most unprofitable item ever manufactured is an excuse.

Those who are most successful in making excuses have no energy left for anything else.

Time wasted thinking up excuses would be better spent avoiding the need for them.

The most prolific inventors are those who invent excuses for their failures.

For every sin Satan is ready to provide an excuse.

A flimsy excuse is one that your wife can see through.

Great riches await the man who will manufacture crutches for lame excuses.

Some executives call passing the buck delegating authority.

People are great manufacturers, some make good, some make trouble, and some just make excuses.

- From Quips & Quotes for writers and speakers by E.C. McKenzie 

Robotic Haiku

Robotic Haiku:

Robot with Violet

Have you passed the Turing test?

Times are a changin'

Harping over Spiritual Robots

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