Thursday, December 23, 2010

Idaho Burning Woman Auguries

For every light, which flicketh on,

another salmon cease to spawn,

The hunter without spiritual prayer,

teaches his young great despair


Fisherman never giving thanks;

discards plastic on river banks,

Each piece dropped by river oak,

a rainbow does fade and choke


One who has stopped reading books,

is out poaching royal Chinooks,

He who harms creatures with no need,

shall nevr know love of woman indeed,


She who hurts a little sage hen,

shall not become true love of man,

An animal knows when you fear it,

and can read the good your spirit


Humans not built separate from nature,

but tangled now with Techno-future,

Can we learn living side by side,

with shady spots and complicated pride?


One could read tracks to a day,

until ego began to shade his way,

Her stickers urged “Visualize World Peace!”

yet friendship with her neighbor ceased


Save the lion, wolf and bear,

but what about the kids you care?

High schools parking lot’s a mess,

projecting acts of generation next


Each delay of children’s center,

a young lad loses a valuable mentor,

Drinking and speeding up and down,

such hobbies paint your face a clown,


Son’s military service brings law and order,

Wild man discovers new psychic borders,

Every hungry truck engine left while idling,

A Persian Gulf soldier drowns in oil fighting,


A day spent within forced mechanical shields,

Distances one’s touch from beauties fields,

Every radioactive bomb a dud,

Gain we anew one field of spud


Each spilled barrel of in-toxic-crated waste,

A song filled meadow churns slow to paste,

Following a daily ritual too close,

hollows mans spirit into a ghost


Too much time on highway lately?

Pirsig’s advice: think laterally,

The crooked road you’ll find much more,

the cup of time fulfilled will pour


With Faster, Hurry! Go! Go! Go!

You might just zip, right past the show,

Airport paves a runway long,

cooks gridlock in a country song,


Each tailgate to a bumper,

forces a body to become a jumper

Too much fame, too much luck,

into Private Idaho you duck,


Inner city pressure forced you here,

wolverine medicine revealed over beer,

Hamp man dressed down, furtively glancing;

try soft deceit for excellent dancing,


Social help not here with this wealth,

we’re forty-ninth in mental health,

Each resort by glamour lighted,

another criminal is invited


With synthetic chemicals excessive high,

dark questionable characters draw a nigh,

A pot of gold will drive some crazy;

our moral lines become quite hazy


My last letter to Dad & mother,

“Valley’s brimmed with small potatoes smashing one another,”

Each new shelter built on field,

mountain lion blazes new trail to yield,


Tree roots cut with sewage hookup,

Great horned’s cloak above is shook up,

A house built with intent of wrath:

Man himself loses access path,


A truth that’s told with ill intent,

beats any lie you can invent,

Should I do a good job replacing this grate?

Hey, it’s a low liability State


Many friendly waves not acknowledged;

snared upon wrong books in college?

Shiny idea gems from the mind were taken,

when the Indian’s land was forsaken


Not returning to swim in lake and ocean,

begins to bring gesture without motion,

Fearless leaders guide the human race,

but look how quick their aged face


Think ye the mental storm hard to handle?

try finding two honest men with one candle,

Purify yourself often in Gaia forest;

help marriage of Earth & Man not be divorced…