Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Topsy-turvy follow up on John Cougar Mellowcat’s springtime animal predictions

First, a few days ago, one of the women that I work with, had a bear come into her yard and swat down her birdfeeder with great oomph.

Secondly, On Sunday, the day before this went to press, an avalanche came down and took the life of another young sports enthusiast in this area.

Third, also on Sunday, while 3V3T5, Lucas and I were walking around in a remote area of Picabo Desert, we came upon a burned out car. We snapped a few photos of it, identified it as a Ford Explorer, and renamed it a Ford Exploder. While examining the car, I kept thinking there was a powerful metaphor about it all. I wanted to put words to it, as if the extensive damage to the car was equal to someone’s life being snuffed out.

Right after that, we both saw a badger walk by, this isolated desert area. He was large enough that he resembled a small bear. The badger actually emerged from the sagebrush to touch the edge of the road, even though he must have heard us coming in the truck. We got out and followed his tracks a little, hoping for a photograph. I tried putting out good vibes, but he didn’t go for the human-applied scruff behind the ears.

The spot we had stopped at is near a large pond, which holds some of the only water around for miles. The nearest town is Richfield. Anyhow, this is the only time I have ever seen a badger in my life. I felt like it was a real treat. Later on, as we headed north, we noticed a sheriff’s department vehicle towing a snow-machine on a trailer. I asked 3V3T5 about this and he said that they sometimes patrol the area up there. (3V3T5 works on their computers and knows most of the police) A few hours later, we heard the unfortunate news about the snowmobiler who lost his life. Only later did I realize the avalanche at one in the afternoon, occurred only a short while before the badger tried gaining our attention near the burned out car. In addition, the snowmobiler who died was from Richfield.


JBanholzer said...

Lastly, around the same time that Sun Valley online posted an earlier version of this story, a rabid bobcat entered an Arizona bar and commenced attacking people. (The Dew-Daw room I mention is local nickname for Sun Valley Lodge’s famous Duchin room piano bar.)

Now if only I could see an albino deer! Actually, I don’t think they are that rare, I heard one in ten-thousand maybe.

JBanholzer said...

This from Rob MacGregor:

Here's Ted Andrews' summary on raccoon and badger:

Raccoon is dexterity and disguise.

Badger is Bold Self-Expression and Reliance - Keeper of Stories.