Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fiery Hypnologic Anthem

I was floating on a red white and blue noctilucent cloud that I had surfed on some years before. I didn’t realize that this cloud could ever be there again. I had seen it before too, in a cartoon, where Ben Franklin trounced Jimi Hendrix in a tight game of air hockey. This got me thinking about Whiskey Jacques air hockey game and the infernal fire it must have endured next to pool table ball teardrops and melting graffiti.

What did the clean-up workers talk about as they excavated this mess? I hope the demolition boys utilized their imagination, while multitasking Neil Young’s Romantic jukebox song, Under the Wrecking Ball: “Wear something pretty and white, and meet me under the wrecking ball tonight”

But first, I’ll have to cash in some sauce-cash at the ATM, as long as it doesn’t cut my finger again, bleeding through wads of sacred infernal Federal Reserve bills.

This reminds me, surfing freely on noctilucent clouds without a wallet or belt always seemed easier, even though it is floating in a most peculiar way.

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JBanholzer said...

What's interesting about this piece is that our prompt for this writing club session partially guided under the influence of a professional hypnotherapist.

Here is her reaction to our group writings:

T, I am in appreciation and gratitude for the invitation to your Writer's Workshop. With reference to each and every individual within the group the following: They are all highly talented and creative. Each individual have a specific and unique purpose. Those that questioned themselves after the relaxation (this is where you are at on your own personal journey); it does not mean that something is inherently wrong with it. Those that wrote about their personal pain; they were driven to release that pain onto paper which was brought on by the relaxation exercise. I plead guilt. Those that wrote about peace; they are the prophets of peace in this here and now. And the humor of one specific writer; reminded us all to laugh at ourselves. I have experienced an unique balance of humor, tears and beauty within that group. It was interesting to observe the uniqueness of each and everyone and their authenticity. If you look closely from a global perspective...each and every individual connected truly with their own inner guide that prompted them to spill their healing onto paper; and the purpose of these writings are to bring healing, inspiration and balance to others. Writing is not about excretion: it is about creating, a mission through purpose! Let those thoughts flow! Once again....thank you! C.