Friday, November 09, 2018

Riding the bus with Brandon

Wake up Brandon, I’ve had another dream!
I dreamt of that bald eagle again – in black & white – Moe from The Three Stooges tried to arm his way into the nest and got clocked. No eggs. The bald eagle flipped his wig too, when he spied ruffian Moe, and pecked away at his bowl-cut forehead. Wrappity-wrap! Get off of my cloud, Lamebrain!
Later, both eagles watched reruns of the event on Nest TV.
Then they switched to the weather.
Chief Eagle says don’t strain your eyes.

Just then, Brandon saw a red-tailed hawk drafting up from the scenic bus window and asked if it was an eagle. I said, “No, can’t you tell from his red tail and Bozo wig? Here, look at this dictionary from Cracked Magazine and you’ll be more bird-brained.
Brandon leafed open to a mid-page. A fly landed and Brandon smashed the tome shut. Whoooop! He slowly drew open the page to peek on the fly’s’ demise and found it flatly pressed in the H’s. Right in between Houseboat and Houses. HOUSEFLY!


Plant a seed

That’s what I’ll do, I’ll plant a seed.
A seed on the Moon.
A coca seed for Coca-Cola.
There are serious questions to consider about moon-soil.
Did you know that back in the 60’s Coke conducted a feasibility study for advertising their product on the bright side of the Moon?
I read the other day that enough cokes have been sold to reach the moon and back forty times.
One Billion cokes are consumed down on Earth each day – That’s 10,000 every second.
Coke is bigger than Facebook.
Perhaps once my cola plant is complete on the moon, science will have developed a way for rocket ships to run off of sodey-pop.
A Tesla the same color as Coke’s red & white – dragging large neon signs along the moonscape, saying: “Please Enjoy!” so that others will spy our neo-level of intelligence, with Tom Waits singing his little Drunk on the Moon jingle.

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