Friday, November 09, 2018

Plant a seed

Plant a seed

That’s what I’ll do, I’ll plant a seed.
A seed on the Moon.
A coca seed for Coca-Cola.
There are serious questions to consider about moon-soil.
Did you know that back in the 60’s Coke conducted a feasibility study for advertising their product on the bright side of the Moon?
I read the other day that enough cokes have been sold to reach the moon and back forty times.
One Billion cokes are consumed down on Earth each day – That’s 10,000 every second.
Coke is bigger than Facebook.
Perhaps once my cola plant is complete on the moon, science will have developed a way for rocket ships to run off of sodey-pop.
A Tesla the same color as Coke’s red & white – dragging large neon signs along the moonscape, saying: “Please Enjoy!” so that others will spy our neo-level of intelligence, with Tom Waits singing his little Drunk on the Moon jingle.


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