Sunday, November 25, 2012

A startling surprise at the relaxing Cottage Inn

I took a short retreat at a relaxing Country Inn at the far edge of a sleepy Idaho town. I was looking for a place to calm my frazzled nerves, do some light reading, and engage in some healthy conversations with folks I had not yet met.
Everything was flowing peacefully well above the steep Canyon the first two days, however; through some observations, I sensed that this crossroad sometimes attracted chaos and mayhem.
There were three nights where it became especially noisy. The first was after midnight, and involved a weary traveler who was obviously going through a challenging time. He yelled viciously at the top of his aqua-lungs with a supernatural energy, even going so far as to chant strange languages, including Ancient Greek and Cherokee. This wild man of the Borneo dragged the facilitators up and down the hall, waking every living soul with a fright from their bed. Even the mice dashed back into their holes, though they had barely started nibbling at the cheese bar.
Seven burly Peace Officers were summoned in to quash the pandemonium. But even after they held him down with all their mighty strength, and gave him a strong tranquilizer shot, the officers still were having trouble subduing the untamed man. This went on for hours.
I glanced out from my humble room and saw that not only were the long row of house guests visibly upset, but so were many of the facilitators. One of the leaders came into my room and we helped each other chill, all the while to the background cacophony of a one man band making the unsettling noise of ten.
A week later I realized that while this troubled soul was exorcising some of his personal demons, I was reflecting on some of my own, and trying hard to become a better man, although in a quieter manner. You could even say that the uninhibited stranger was speaking for me in some way.

The next morning the managers of the house held a short debriefing for the forced insomniacs. The leaders declared that the matters of the previous night should not concern us, as it had nothing to do with any of us. However, intense Twilight-ish Zone episodes like these do concern me, and I have written at great length about such things before, regarding the dispossessed and the poor homeless. On top of that, I suppose that I had recently grown accustomed to drifting off to sleep with some light peaceful music in the late evenings and not a madman ranting and raving and stomping around for hours. It was a nice reality check and makes me appreciate the comfortable part of my life that I am privileged to have and have worked hard to retain.
There is more to this story regarding further interruptions at the Country Inn; However, glancing forward at my notes they pale in comparison to the meat of the story above, so I will stop here for now. 

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Ancient Crypts of Woodbridge, Virgina

Read this, this morning and it reminded me of this: 
Halloween is around the corner, Reddit, what is the most "paranormal" thing you have ever experienced? : AskReddit

I had a strange story myself that I had forgotten about. Back when I was a late 
teenager, a bunch of us would go down to an area where there were some old 
crypts. Very interesting stone formations. Not that large, but you could 
actually enter inside and explore around (best to bring a good flashlight) 
Anyhow, word spread around our high school and soon small groups of folks would 
take the short travel down there for an evening of funsville, as we called it; 
bringing along some cheap malt duck alcohol, etc. 
Anyhow, I probably went down two or three times with a handful of friends, and 
the odd thing was that the last time I went down into the cave (couldn't quite 
tell how far it went back in), right as I was leaving, my brother was coming 
into the grave-crypt, with some of his boisterous friends. 
The reason that this story resonates now is because both my brother and I have 
both been experiencing some health challenges recently, and it got bad enough 
for a while that I thought we both might enter the ancient crypt again at the 
same time. 

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