Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let’s bury nuclear waste deeper

Recently, I came across an ancient earth-science textbook, which, while reading, reminded me how the depths of our earth buzz with high levels of radioactivity. The same week, I happened upon an account of Mel Waters and his fantastic 25-mile deep hole, in close proximity to the Hanford Nuclear Reservation –the most radioactive place in our Country. This got me to thinking how, that a viable solution to our horrific nuclear waste problems would be to thrust the insidious waste back into the hellish environment, from whence it came.


Why waste trillions of dollars ferrying nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain or the INL, where we’ll need to secure it under expensive guard for millennia, when a much simpler solution is near at hand? Therefore, I propose that our Department of Energy in conjunction with our Department of Environment Quality, conduct extensive feasibility studies to determine how drilling deep-hole repositories near every nuclear plant should be best done.


Besides supra-natural pits such as Mel Waters’, those who are quick to embrace the nuclear renaissance should consider extracting deeper, old fracking pits, as well as dried up oil wells, such as Deepwater Horizon, where we’re practically halfway there with the shaft.

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