Saturday, April 28, 2007

Harping over spiritual robots

Harping over Spiritual Robots

Last Idaho potato moon harvest, I conjured up some Spiritual Robots while searching for artwork. Sixteen Google images appeared and twelve of those were of people attending symposiums on artificial intelligence. The first thing that stood out in the photos was that most of the participants were taking it sitting down.

Robots are increasingly becoming humanlike, as people get rigid. Seems cute in a faraway Oz’es Tin man way, but the twain shall meet someday -perhaps sooner than you imagine.

Actually, we’re already overlapping; No eye contact sealed in on “freeways”. Can’t get a person on the phone? That’s an old problem. Now it’s depersonalized electronic chatter sent between cubed workers way off the earth in so many windowless offices. Calculating kids seldom step out of their cybercaves for fear that a snowflake of yellowcake dropping from our acid sky will rust their tongues. When they do, they plug in as pod people,

to feed off music of irregular beats with strangers –rather than having actual conversations.

These days just about every body part is replaceable. Even the Vice-President has artificial heart valves. Machines could be used to help us make wise decisions, but many of us let them decide. Swirling Slots in Nevada hypnotize many that would be better off watching whirling dervishes. With new money rushing through their veins, Gas station lottery winners declare “I always knew I was going to hit the number!” However, millions with similar wishes become numb zombies when their fortune spirals downward.

Nonetheless, machines take us everywhere –through the water, snow and air. They list of things they can’t do ever shrinks. Artificial intelligence systems help doctors diagnose medical concerns. You can play twenty questions over the “Internets” in intelligence experiments. A futuristic system learns from us in vast ways as we feed it more information. Robots can disarm bombs. They can enter areas where hostage situations take place helping make assessments while delivering a pizza. However, at what point will the gollem spirits began running a new lottery of whom gets to live and die? Making it even easier for those in control to further justify dehumanizing some “outside enemy.”

Google News claims that their information results are “compiled solely by computer algorithms, without human intervention.” Then who created those algorithms? Do they fine-tune themselves? At night does a robot mouse dust and vacuum the Googleplex nano-nuts and bolts into absolute purity? I’m having a nightmare that it’s terminally daytime for robots. If I breathe deep with my own lungs and Count Five, my psychotic reaction will eventually taper off.

Doctors in our Country have institutionalized thousands of patients into mental hospitals unnecessarily then over medicated them into robotic states for stinking profit. More jails are planned but with less real rehabilitation prospects –creating millions of outcasts. What a great backup slave labor force these dispossessed will make in the event, the next line of robotic Iron Men develops glitches. Increased frivolous laws with stricter enforcement and draconian sentences translate into job security for the machine-like penal systems.

Instead of spending more money on locking prisoners away into subhuman states at record levels, ideal communities could preemptively strike at root causes of “waywardness” by caring more about schools. Higher pay would attract more inspired teacher’s -resulting in a better outcome for our youngsters. However, what exactly are these root causes? Should not we be cautious in screening our children from the normal difficulties they encounter as they emerge from their age of innocence? Who is going to screen the screeners? Vacuous, steel-hearted leaders fiddling with low approval ratings? Perhaps a savant metallically inoculated into mathematical beauty could lend the social engineers some thoughts on what’s worth tracking.

Before being dosed into something they’re not, it should be considered that many of the modern inventions that we now take for granted, would not exist, had we “fixed” past Einstein’s and Edison’s at their first sign of boredom in the classroom. Healthy daydreamers of today like Segway inventor Dean Kamen, who also developed the heart stent keeping VP Cheney alive don’t need to be labeled ADHD and force fed questionable pills just because they’ve tapped into a different drumbeat.

As much as I harp on about mechanization’s hostile takeover of society, I would like to thank Googles robots for helping me with this article. I have heard they have a cousin that likes beer. He is probably the most humanlike robot yet. One who really seeks to understand man. Next time he flies in to enjoy the non-motorized parade, I would like repaying him with some special input. Over ales poured out in inexact measurements, we’ll watch some sports together. I’ll strike up a lively conversation, explaining how the most difficult thing for them to accomplish will be finding ways to replace the unique qualities inherent in our precious athletes and artists. Futhermore, we'll ruminate about why we'll continue needing human referees for these gladiator games we worship. Later , my smart-pill friends will tell my pre-fab palsey-walsey that we ape-revolvers should teach the Trans-humans to sing with us in perfect harmony. Some day we will make beautiful music together. In this way, the robot will quickly delve into the deepest dimensions of the soul. Because you see, the way things are heading with my fancy free speech, we’ll be singing the most heart rendering songs chorded together on a chain gang. Power-pointed Feds will allow this machine into designated wilderness areas so he can joyfully hold a bucket for me to mop plutonium off the previously pristine primitive foliage. I promise that metalbreath and me won’t give any lip if our guard can find himself human enough to conjure us up some potato hooch nightcaps to keep us from blowing our tops. -While cloistered in a modern Minidoka Manage-mental camp.

The uncharted territory of Transhumanism:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. –Albert Einstein

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