Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tracker Trail - "In the Tracks of the Tracker" magazine - Winter-Spring 94

Tracker Trail - "In the Tracks of the Tracker" magazine - Winter-Spring 94

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jbanholzer said...

Temporary Butterfly Mistake

After I told Mary, I liked Thoreau’s Walden
She mentioned that she went off to live in the woods for a month
When it didn’t work out between her and an old boyfriend
Way up there in Rocky Raccoon Country
In the Black Hills of South Dakota

She checked in with her family after the moon and they asked if she was okay.
She said she was. And it was another sunny day.

Once Mary created a magnificent shield for me
Mountain Lion Man / Coyote Child
Emblazoned on the reverse
Contrary side
The owl feathers were hanging for me to notice later.

I remember getting into an argument with my “bike-path boss”
Who wanted me to chop down what he called “Useless Mullein”
Git out thar Jimmy T. and thrash down that thistle weed
Away from the important pavement

But, fluffy mullein serves a purpose on Mary’s sacred shield
While literature counterpoints Bossmans fuzzy logic in many ways:
Mullein herb - a City Herbal by Maida Silverman - Ash Tree Publishing
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Butterflies flutter on Mary’s forearms and kiss her cheeks
Roadrunners play games with her
And trick tack on her terra firm back
She probably could convince a badger that
It needs a good scruff behind the ears occasionally
Or give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a Wolverine
Caught out of breath in a mud puddle

There was some speculation that maybe it was a mistake
That Mary wasn’t supposed to have come out as a human
This time
From the darkest depths of Mordor
Below the two tower legs
Where hills are scarred now
And pine nuts crumble too small to eat
Except for thimble joy birds.

In the Amazon, there’s a nimble creature in between the size
Of a hummers and bumblebees
Maybe that’s what she should look into
Coming back -next Merry-go-round.