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Another bit of old commentary unearthed:

This valley has a virus called 'selective amnesia'

In the Express article “Ketchum Store hit in rare robbery” it’s written, “The robbery appears to be a rare event in Ketchum history”. While categorically this may be true, countless other instances of high-drama crimes have occurred in recent valley history.

Here is a Mountain Express story written by the same reporter less than a year ago, likely a robbery attempt and with injuries:

Idaho Mountain Express: Athletic club clerk on mend from attack - February 23, 2005

Here is a Mountain Express story about Olympic racers in Sun Valley having their equipment robbed: Idaho mountain express : Olympic racers electrify spectators : Jan 30 - feb 5, 2002

Another Mountain Express story about a man convicted of a brutal beating outside the Casino bar in Ketchum: Idaho mountain express : Furlott sentenced to six months in work center : May 1 - 7, 2002

One of two Wood River valley men who were murdered in Las Vegas:

Idaho Mountain Express: Convictions returned in Las Vegas murders of two Wood River Valley men

Twice, escaped fugitives have hidden behind the same bush in Dorothy’s yard on Third Ave. in Hailey. If there was ever a tree that needs trimmed…idaho mountain express : Citizens help arrest fugitive from jail : For the week of June 4 - 10, 2003

Three fugitives if you include this feller: idaho mountain express : Beef, it's in your front yard : May 8 - 14, 2002

Perhaps the city of Hailey should budget to offer elderly residents some free preventive maintenance bushwhacking…Then there was the case of the man who escaped from a Hailey Police car a few years ago. He escaped out a rear window by contorting his body to open the automatic window, placing his handcuffed hands outside of the poorly designed holding area of the police car, while the police were inside JAVA, completing their report and checking on injuries. Where those windows ever retrofitted to ensure that this may never happen again? See:Idaho Mountain Express: Movie or reality? Police nab fugitive after two chases

Another fugitive, this one in Bellevue:

Idaho Mountain Express: Man injured eluding police charged with felony - October 15, 2004

But worse things have happened in Bellevue. When Randy Tremble enthusiastically entered his job as Bellevue Marshall, he told me how he viewed the town as a Modern Day Mayberry. Unhappily his attitude had to shift with the reality

Wood River Journal - Hailey, Idaho

: idaho mountain express : Two youths shot in Bellevue — Musician held on attempted murder charges : Wednesday, March 31, 2004

idaho mountain express : Bellevue shooting victims still hospitalized — Hooten's condition remains critical : Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Idaho Mountain Express: Santistevan convicted of attempted murder - December 15, 2004

Another incident six months earlier at the same spot:

idaho mountain express : Marshal arrests Carey man following Bellevue shooting : For the week of October 8 - 14, 2003

Also in Bellevue: idaho mountain express : Bellevue councilman charged with poking police officer : For the week of December 24 - 30, 2003

And idaho mountain express : Bellevue investigates child molestation case : Friday — January 30, 2004

Idaho Mountain Express: Investigation leads to sexual abuse - September 15, 2004

idaho mountain express : Bell to be tried for assault, battery : June 5 - 11, 2002

The Times-News Online: Twin Falls, ID

Idaho Mountain Express: New Bellevue marshal assumes duties - August 19, 2005

Crimes don’t happen every week. They are more the exception than the rule. That’s why they are news. Amazingly sometimes they take place at a level just often enough to keep the newspaper delivery people chasing around trying to keep enough papers out there. Here are some stories that helped newspapers fly off the stands:

idaho mountain express : Hailey Chamber director killed in Utah — Conflict over child custody ends tragically : For the week of August 13 - 19, 2003

idaho mountain express : Police shooting witness charged with battery — Victim had numerous machete wounds on head : Friday — May 21, 2004

idaho mountain express : Snyders admit guilt in child abduction case — Bizarre jungle rescue of child culminates in court this week : For the week of Dec 31, 2003 - Jan 6, 2004

Idaho Mountain Express: Big money requires big risks

idaho mountain express : Local fugitive on marijuana charge nabbed in Colorado : April 10 - 16, 2002

idaho mountain express : Liebl pleads guity to assault - Change of plea for bike path attack : august 1- 7, 2001

For more news on local fugitives see: Idaho Mountain Express: Down and out in Blaine County

There also have been a few burglaries. Here are two Mountain Express stories of men who burglarized the Carey School two years ago:

idaho mountain express : Two charged in burglary at Carey School : Wednesday — February 11, 2004

idaho mountain express : 2 more arrests made in Carey School case : Wednesday — February 18, 2004

Someone also broke into the Western Café a few years ago to steal some laughing gas. Couldn’t find that article yet.

But looking back at Carey I did discover that sometimes its still the Wild West there: idaho mountain express : Man cleared in shooting incident : november 7 - 13, 2001

And thereabouts: Idaho Mountain Express: High-speed chase ends with two arrests - Threats result in felony charges

Here is a Mountain Express story about a woman convicted of burglary and aggravated assault upon a Sun Valley police officer. idaho mountain express : High found not guilty of attempted murder - Jury convicts her of aggravated assault, burglary : december 19 - 25, 2001

Here is a Mountain Express story about an armed fugitive who was finally apprehended after breaking into nineteen Baker Creek cabins: idaho mountain express : Manhunt nabs elusive burglar — Three-day search ends in suprise capture : Wednesday, May 12, 2004

A Mountain Express story about Thieves breaking into the Custer Museum:

Idaho Mountain Express: Theives break into Custer museum; dozens of items stolen

Here is a Mountain Express story about two high speed chases in the same week:

idaho mountain express : Pair of high speed chases roar down county roads : July 24 - 30, 2002

Here is a story about two men caught breaking into a car at the trailhead of the same road where a police car chase had taken place two weeks prior : idaho mountain express : Suspicious hikers tip police, two Russians nabbed as credit card theives : Aug 7 - 13, 2002

Here is a Mountain Express story about two rapes reported in the same week: idaho mountain express : Two rapes reported this week — Prior Hailey rape investigation ongoing : For the week of September 17 - 23, 2003

The fact is that criminals are attracted to flashy resort areas around the world. Sun Valley does not merit some special milk and honey fantasyland exception. Understandably, the media does not want to alarm visitors (and town merchants), here to enjoy vacations while freely spending large sums of money, nor do visitors want to be terrified. They’ll find some other place to stay that advertises low crime rates. But common sense should dictate encouraging money and valuables to be kept out of plain site and doors of cars and homes locked. Pretending that this area is somehow immune to crime is disingenuous. Visitors new to town may already be disoriented due to the lack of Oxygen and great expectations for a long anticipated holiday -amplified by the general good feelings emanating from Sun Valley’s outward appearance. Reporters who perpetuate sunny blue sky / rose colored myths are contributing a disservice to the community.

There are some precautions that most people never even consider taking. It’s only a matter of time before someone leaves their car running up at the Ohio Gulch recycle bins -inviting someone on work release to jump in and take a runaway romp down the road to freedom –endangering law-abiding citizens along their escape route.

What usually happens right after one of these events hits close to home is that people lock their doors for a few weeks. Then slowly the old habits return and citizens become lax. They mightn’t be so laidback though if they knew that events like these embezzlement cases were occurring at their workplaces: Idaho Mountain Express: Hailey woman sentenced in embezzlement case

idaho mountain express : Embezzler's sentence under retained jurisdiction program : Aug 28 - Sept 3, 2002

idaho mountain express : Grand jury indicts four on embezzlement charges : february 27 - march 5, 2002

Then of course there’s this: Idaho Mountain Express: Cops investigate jail rape claim - July 8, 2005 Sarah Johnson is in jail for the double murder of her parents. I believe this case is an exception –one that most people actually remember.

A lot of crimes are never reported –for various reasons. Scores of crimes that are reported never result in convictions –even through they actually occurred. We do have some great police officers working on some very tough cases. Sometimes it’s a thankless job too. Not to mention how difficult it is to try live here and get ahead financially.

Idaho Mountain Express: Bar fight involving Hailey cop examined - November 9, 2005

idaho mountain express : Alleged drug dealer nabbed in Hailey : october 31 - november 6, 2001

idaho mountain express : Hailey vandals target president : Wednesday — February 4, 2004

Idaho Mountain Express: Beer orgy - Authorities confront dozens of Wood River High students at a drinking bash near Stanley

Idaho Mountain Express: Woman on bike path threatened with knife

Idaho Mountain Express: Speeders rile Hailey residents - December 2, 2005

Idaho Mountain Express: Driver steps forward in Cody Boyd death

idaho mountain express : Pedestrian killed on Main Street in Hailey : Friday — May 7, 2004

Idaho Mountain Express: Cougars to be dispatched at police discretion

Idaho Mountain Express: Driver threatens suicide, vehicular homicide - November 16, 2005

idaho mountain express : Hailey man faces charges in road-rage cases : Sept 11 - 17, 2002 Another “road rage” driver in 2000 had an article written about him entitled “Early Morning Donuts”

Idaho Mountain Express: Man kills himself in Hailey office - July 29, 2005

idaho mountain express : Two men are charged with 'duct tape' beating : july 25 — july 31, 2001

idaho mountain express : Teen arrested for rape of 12-year-old : July 24 - 30, 2002

idaho mountain express : Police: arrests imminent in rape case : For the week of September 3 - 9, 2003

Idaho Mountain Express: Rapist gets 15 to life

Idaho Mountain Express: Police make arrest for Ketchum rape and kidnapping

idaho mountain express : Three-year child abduction odyssey nears closure — Abductors recount Lily Snyder's recovery : Wednesday — February 11, 2004

idaho mountain express : Man charged with trying to hire 2 murders : october 24 - 30, 2001

idaho mountain express : Bill against school violence has Blaine County origins : Wednesday — February 25, 2004Idaho Mountain Express: Hailey PD investigates teen drug allegations - April 6, 2005

idaho mountain express : Hailey police pursue leads in vandalism investigation : Wednesday — February 11, 2004

idaho mountain express : Severn Gallery is plagued by vandalism : august 8 - 14, 2001

idaho mountain express : Risky teen behavior measured : Sept 11 - 17, 2002

Idaho Mountain Express: Security eye turned on sign stealers - October 27, 2004

An electricity blackout caused by vandalism: Idaho Mountain Express: Six-hour blackout slated Monday - October 6, 2004

Airplanes buzzing townspeople: idaho mountain express : Judge dismisses 'Risky Business' case - FAA accused pilot of dangerous flying : august 8 - 14, 2001

idaho mountain express : Ketchum police cheif suprised at kidnapping suspect — Lyman is former Salt Lake detective : For the week of March 19 - 25, 2003

Then there are some problems at the jail:

Idaho Mountain Express: Jailer resigns in face of staffing crunch, state investigation - November 9, 2005

Idaho Mountain Express: Police remove body from Woodside hilltop - August 26, 2005

What else is going on at jails that we don’t know about?

Idaho Mountain Express: Lieutenant and sheriff debate cooperation - October 29, 2004

Idaho Mountain Express: Man dies in jail after DUI arrest - August 19, 2005

idaho mountain express : Gayler attempts suicide; in critical condition : For the week of September 3 - 9, 2003

Idaho Mountain Express: Valley police cope with staff shortages - June 15, 2005

idaho mountain express : AG office called to investigate Algiers assault — Sheriff also may request coroner's inquest : Wednesday, May 26, 2004

idaho mountain express : Preliminary set in Algiers case — Attorney General's Office may assist county with other litigation : Wednesday, June 23, 2004

idaho mountain express : Lt. Pat Pidgeon retires from Sheriff's Department - Fellow officers recall 31 years of service : december 12 - 18, 2001

Idaho Mountain Express: 20 years ago: From the April/May 1980 issues of the Idaho Mountain Express

Idaho Mountain Express: Sheriff candidates prepare for election - September 15, 2004

idaho mountain express : Law enforcement cleared in Turner death — Turner children returned to father : For the week of September 10 -16, 2003 01/03/2006 Convict suicides in state prisons hit record high

Here’s a Murder / Suicide most people seem to have forgotten about: idaho mountain express : Two men shot to death in Hailey : July 3 - 9, 2002 This of course happened in the Meth infested Woodside area.

Another attempted murder suspect lurking around town: idaho mountain express : Man is arrested on Colorado warrant for attempted murder : For the week of January 7 -13, 2004

Another murder charge:

Idaho Mountain Express: Driver in fatal accident charged with murder - August 5, 2005

There was also the case of the Ketchum Police officer and Mr. Universe body-builder Jerry Englehart who was kidnapped by gunpoint in the not so distant past. Also of course the Odiaga drive by shootings in June of 1990.

I also, would sometimes like to forget many of these bad things that have happened. Putting together an archive for a subject like this is a somewhat joyless task. The tricky thing is trying to keep ones psyche in some sort of middle ground. An area where you’re not required to be hyper-vigilant every second, yet are still capable of enjoying the great opportunities this area offers.

Archives like this could be modified and expanded on, as tools for reporters on tight deadlines, for quickly finding information they need for more complete and accurate coverage. Again it is not a delight researching about events like these. But, choosing to forget about everything bad that has ever happened, destines us to repeat history.

-Jim Banholzer

Safe & secure behind a (usually) locked door in Hailey

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