Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dumb as D.C.?

District of Columbia mayor Marion Barry was reelected to positions of high authority on the redemption ticket, soon after his long string of serious foibles. Certainly forgiveness and empathy are underrated in this modern world, but at what point do we start becoming the foolish ones by giving total ineptitude actions, Carte blanche absolutions?

Is there some infinitesimal chance that Senator Craig can actually make a full turnaround, while under the gun and become a newly improved proactive polymath?

The naïve quixotic part of me likes to seize onto these glimmers of hope, even if they are emanating from mere shards of bad luck glass resting upon floors of the MSP airport.

Perhaps Senator Craig is serving a higher purpose right now. Providing the rest of the country some much need comic relief from horrible war stories, plunging housing markets and soon to be raising fuel costs, all at Idaho’s expense of course.

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