Friday, December 28, 2007

Supporting Triple Taxations

Sadly, you are right on the mark David G. Sutliff; though many of us don’t want to yet admit it, we are in the midst of a slow crash, which could teeter us into a bottomless debit pit. And the season has come for our pricey payment. Very few intuitions thrive for a thousand years. It looks like our good old US of A is going to have to struggle hard, to make it even a quarter of that way, without first becoming morally and financially bankrupt. History’s script often repeats itself, from the same primordial grounds.

It should be interesting to see what happens, with our deplorably under funded public lands. Will we eventually have to resort to selling some of them off – to essentially fund shortsighted wars? Our Christmas party is over with CIEDRA ripe for yet another Boxing Day revising.

Unhappily, double taxation is already a fact of daily Idaho life. You get taxed on payday and then you get taxed again when you spend that same money at the store. So these user fees could be construed as TRIPLE TAXATION, for those who receive an honest paycheck. So now we’re caught once coming and twice going, what should we do? We had a revolutionary tea party, when the last King George in a somewhat similar situation tried to snare us. This tea seems to spill from a dissimilar cup - one with far reaching radioactive vibrations. If the lesser of the only two evils to choose from, is to start reimplementing user fees, to prevent the selling off of these public lands, then perhaps it is our only logical short-term answer.

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