Sunday, December 09, 2007

Up here in Ketchum, biking is out of the question for 5 to 6 months -depending on how much wintertime snowfall we accumulate. Then sometimes we find ourselves accustomed to having forgotten about biking.

I thought that I would get more into mt biking out here, but I think the Mt. Bike I have is not a good fit. Its frame is slightly too small or maybe, I just enjoy riding on a stilt. Plus the back trails do have many hard rock mining spots.

Three springs ago, I thought that my flat tire concerns were solved with this new solid bike wheel invention. It did not work out for me and I ended up writing a negative field test review about it.

Here’s a photo that Steve took immediately following the incident:

I should mention that Steve was following right behind when this crash happened. I hit a large rock with my hybrid tire, spun off to the left, and scuffed my (helmetless) head upon a large rock, which thrust off my glasses. We looked for the eyeglasses for 40 minutes as Steve kept repeating, “I was wondering why you were biking way off into the sagebrush like that.” I returned refreshed 4 days later and practically celebrated when I found the eyeglasses in the sagebrush, behind a tiny piney tree about forty feet past the scuff mark next to the ‘springing’ rock.

Ever since then I’ve become more of a helmet donning road-biker.

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