Sunday, January 20, 2008

I read about how our U.S. Security agents are now keeping an eye out for birdwatchers. Seems you will need a police escort in some aviary areas now, to enjoy this pastime every bit as popular as baseball, apple pie and mom.

I wonder how this will affect arrowhead hunting in Idaho. If you can’t glance up at a bird, you might as well stare at the ground looking for obsidian chips. But no, this subject looks like he’s studying the sand awful hard. Must be devising a method to dig under buildings and do something nefarious. Better refund Rat Patrol to guard all of Craters of the Moon’s perimeter. And what was he planning to do with that WMD arrowhead once he found it! Better medicate him. Maybe Cheney can hold the needle. Not having a human heart makes him less squeamish than other people who have been inoculated into normalcy.

So Mom, please bake a file into my next apple pie. Because when our Bill of Rights soon expires, thoughts like these could be deemed unpatriotic and land me in a slammer with no birds-eye view. Perhaps my opportunity will arise while the guards are watching a tight baseball game in late innings. Cheering fans will cover my filing and I’ll be saved by the purity of that last bastion of good old America: Baseball! (Except for the steroids)

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  1. Yesterday I mentioned this letter to a bird-watching friend who lives in Tucson, Arizona. She has two other bird watching friends who recently were out with their binoculars near the Mexican Border. Sure enough, Border Patrol confronted both of them, on separate occasions, with some pointed questions about what they were doing there.

    I suppose they could have told the watchers, watching the birdwatchers that they were seeking our great symbol of freedom – The American Eagle!


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