Thursday, January 10, 2008

Great letter in the Challis Messenger today:

Blabbermouth Beetles

Dear Editor,

Beware: there is a new type of beetle hatching out in the Sawtooth Mountains. They have already been seen in the Stanley and Redfish areas. No more quiet meals at the caf?. They gather around in parking lots, the aisles of grocery stores and ruin the peace in campgrounds. The beetles love the roads and think nothing of the solitude of high mountain lakes.

They have already taken over the Wood River Valley and are now migrating over Galena Pass. They are the Cellphone Blabbermouth Beetle. Nothing can stop them. A dead battery only slows them down. Things are already changing. We now have the "Headwaters of the Senseless Jibber Jabber River." When driving down the Motor Mouth Highway, just ignore the slow vehicle turnouts and just stick the phone in your ear and drive like the rest of the beetles. The beach at Speed Dial Lake is a great place to make a call; lots of people to annoy. Better yet, go on to Redial Lake and climb up to Yacker's Peak to call Aunt Bertha in New York. Talk real loud so the people at the lodge can hear you.

The Stanley Stomp is now The Cellphone Shuffle, music by Ringing Cellphones. How about the Mt. Mama's Blabber Throw Motor Mouths from everywhere will compete for loudest, longest and most annoying calls.

Instead of making more wilderness areas, we need to create Lockjaw Zones: no Cellphone Blabbermouth Beetles allowed.

Well, if you disagree with me please give me a call. My cellphone number is 1-STICKITINYOUREAR.

Wayne Kratochvil

P.S. Maybe some of us like living in the Flintstones Age.

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  1. J.L.W.3:27 PM

    Yah I need to write an article about the irresponsable Mother with no cell phone . The peace of walking thru the grocery store knowing I can't be hunted down for some truley innane conversing. Or driving silently alone in my car

    Oh but what if ????!!!!!!!! Resiliant forward thinking people unite , knowing if the carbreaks down there is a good chance I can fix it or Karma will bring me help when I need it . ( as will my roadside assistance) But what of the wee bairns left to the winds of fate ? Left in the capable hands of teachers who love them ( not the institution known as public school .) Help and comfort will be provided until my phone rings at home or I pick up my messages or they call Dad. Needless to say in a real emergency I am not indispensable. So as the lone wolf pads silently thru the present moment . My cell phone abstinance keeps me rooted in the moment , observing the road , those around me and not dependant on the false sense of security technology provides. Scotty isn't there to beam me up just as the Clingons reach for me. Narrowly escaping my actions and there consequence , not even in the fine print .


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