Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let us not be first in stupidity though. The poisonous nuclear power industry kills much more than birds. For the next 10,000 years, we will have to develop warning signs readable long after the English language has died out. Think about it, the proud legacy nuclear waste leaves, will endure longer than the oldest Egyptian pyramid. The gist of it is; no one wants to known as the one who kills the goose with the golden egg, even if they are speckled with plutonium.

Perhaps the Times-News can develop a writing contest, for us to draft letters of apology to our grandchildren’s grandchildren, for how we have wrongly warshiped Mother Earth, to insert in a time capsule, next to the radioactive warning signs.

While it is true that France uses 80 percent nuclear power, don’t think that there is not a big brouhaha going on over there about the wasteful thinking. And where are the elite French trying to lay the bubbling toxins to rest for millennia? Why it’s being shoveled into poor peoples backyards, of course. Affecting many Muslim communities. And that’s just dandy?

The bad spin about wind turbines is very overblown. Improved energy gaining methods from the wind have been developed using large high-tension bands, which kill no birds. If we only put one-tenth as much Research and Development into improved solar and wind projects as we do into killing innocent civilians over oil-Euros, think how much better off we would be. Perhaps we are the true birdbrains, uncaught by trip wires of peace seeking missives.

The recent power outage was due to a broken shield wire on a transmission line between Silver Street in Hailey and the Hailey substations. Nuclear power would not have prevented us from setting up with a cozy book to read by candlelight. I was prepared to settle down with an all encompassing fairy-tale about a kingdom that served up never-ending batches of untarnished freedom-fries, when suddenly the lights came back on.

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