Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Representative Sali,

I understand the nature of Washington D.C.’s difficult environment, because I tried living there for 33 years. I also understand that you personally had some difficulty with one of your colleagues, Rep. Keith Ellison regarding his sacred religious viewpoints, which resulted in an apology you e-mailed to the Minnesota Representative’s office.

Certainly by now, with the dozens of important congressional hearings you and Keith Ellison have both attended, the two of you must have crossed paths. Can you tell me, Mr. Bill Sali, if were able to rise to one of those occasions to offer a more heartfelt in-person apology to Mr. Ellison, doing your best as a People’s Representative to improve conditions for our challenged leaders in the hostile Washington D.C. environment?

Some in the Idaho community that you represent, say it’s doubtful that you have actually gone any further than extending an electronic-olive-branch and question your sincerity:

http://voices.idahostatesman.com/idaho_story_249677 - comment-47290


But I would like to give you the opportunity here to respond to those naysayers, by proving them wide of the mark and revealing to your constituents what kind of peaceful leading warrior you truly are.

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