Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The SNRA consists of 756,000 acres. Since there are 43,560 square feet per acre, this means that the recreation area holds 32,931,360,000 square feet. Therefore, the 970 square feet about which Mr. Phillips complains, takes up a 1 / 41,166,350.5 portion.

If beetles burn off the region around the Galena Tower monopine, this means the area where young men have already been killed snowboarding, will become more prone to avalanches. Even more reason to have a cell tower installed, exactly at that pinnacle point for where it is planned!

Crashes of various sorts occur around Galena almost every year. Here are a handful of recent examples:






For goodness sakes, we have waited more than long enough for some potentially lifesaving towers in our SNRA. Let us stop quibbling and allow, without further adieu, these beacons of safety to be installed in this logical spot, by a company who is visibly sensitive to impacts this will bring, both good and bad.

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