Saturday, February 23, 2008

Birdwatchers on Terroriods – follow up

I was surprised that nobody has yet responded to this letter, considering its heavy rhetoric. I thought it held potential for an elaborate discussion and was ratcheted up for a good defense.

To kick-start the dialogue, I capitulate that Mr. Cheney actually does hold some human decency, when the affection and respect he often displays towards his own family is considered. Yet, sometimes political posturing is evident, even within his family photos.

Consider the recent photo op with his new grandson, which excluded the parents of the child, one of whom is his daughter Mary -the most prominent lesbian in our country.

An earlier version of this commentary appeared in the Mt. Express. This was Soonafter Ken the editor and author of an all-encompassing bird book, facetiously remarked about how what a real man Dick Cheney is for effortlessly canning 70 pen-reared pheasants.

Even that story had holes in it, as none of soup kitchens or hunger relief charities, to where the birds were supposedly donated could be tracked down.

Moreover, this was before Richard Cheney shot holes in his friend’s face on another simple bird hunt, rife with holes in the story.

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