Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Last night I called D. to tell her about my Red Wing blackbird sounding and about the 400 Bohemian waxwing’s rhapsody, breathed down upon me from the swirling heavens, right in front of Ciro’s Restaurant.

D too, had seen the birds open for business yesterday – some geese in an Oceanside marsh, where some cows gave each other the high sign, and then chased after the geese.

Very Farsidian

D wants to write a follow up book to Colm Kelleher’s Brain Trust -The hidden connection between Mad Cow and misdiagnosed Alzheimer’s disease. This incident, along with another when she got out of her car to take some photos of those captive cows above Shoshone–I think you know where I mean – Before being chased off by a shotgun-wielding rancher, could be contained in a chapter, giving readers more reasons to consider for ceasing to chomp on captive cows – that is that the cows do have individual personalities, even a sense of humor, once you get to know them.

And if we all didn’t have a slight touch of the Mad Human Disease, we would see this better – at least that’s what a little bird told me.

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