Monday, March 03, 2008

  • JBanholzer Says:

    Before anyone aspires to become a Moe, they should consider that although Moe was the one who dished out the most punishment on film, in reality he was the knucklehead who suffered most injuries.

    For an eye-popping Nyuck-Nyuck, check out the Three Stooges at Redfish Lake - circa 1970:

  • JBanholzer Says:

    The Stooges had planned to take their “Kooks Tour” around the world, with the next stop planned in Japan. However, shortly after this pilot film, Larry suffered a stroke, resulting in partial paralysis. When it became clear that he would be unable to resume acting, Emil Sitka “The Fourth Stooge” replaced Larry.

    Instead of perpetually lobbing pies into each other faces, which only results in horrifying messes to mop up, it would be nice if more of us would aspire to be stooges like Emil Sitka:

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