Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Predicting the ways of lightning

I read about this machine now that can read minds with a 90% accuracy rate. It can tell for instance, if the photo you are looking at, is a pastoral scene –or the big city, just like I pictured it. It can also tell which finger you are expected to move next, with a 90% accuracy rate. I wonder how developments like this will be incorporated into future newspapers and books.

Another idea I keep thinking about, is newspapers with hyperlinks imbedded into the actual paper, so that upon prompting, a paper will transform itself into an array of windows with related stories –just like computers do now, only for the future on a single thin sheet of interactive paper.

To what degree will imbedded mind reading machines of future newspapers be able to read your next intent?

If future bookworms aspire to become farsighted enough, perhaps they will be able to stay ahead of such machine’s curves, over 10 percent of the time. Much like basketball players, freelance ballerinas and jazz musicians have with their head-faking split-second mid-air decisions, where even they don’t know quite what magic trick they are going to pull out of their hat next, in their majestic performance. They just do it. These bastioned crowns of creation, rising to the cream top puff the magic dragon good old candy apple rocky mountainous Tesla lighting containing sorcerer altitude achievers.

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