Sunday, March 23, 2008

Claude Dallas's Easter Jailbreak Coverup?

There is a great front-page story in today’s Idaho Statesman regarding suspicious circumstances that surrounded Claude Dallas’s Easter Sunday jailbreak. Turns out that he may have nonchalantly slipped out with the crowd of holiday visitors and then authorities covered it up by making it appear that he cut through the fences.

When I first moved to Idaho fifteen years ago, I mentioned to one of my new work colleagues that I hailed from Virginia. She immediately asked if I knew Claude Dallas. Shortly thereafter; my own brother, who is a game warden back east, and often is called in the middle of the night, to investigate gunshots being fired; also asked what I knew about the original Claude Dallas confrontation. The best account at the time that I could find was from a great Cort Conley book called Idaho Loners.

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