Monday, May 05, 2008

Xanthious One & Soft Safety Skies

Oh Graceful xanthious creature,

Bavarian Princess

Gently floating amidst

Ravenous vultures,

Whose mountain flights

Concur with summer solstices

Timing soul search,


Thoughts are expressed

In splashes.

What cipher is required

For you?


Gazing zenithward fortnight average

His pathos leak was sprung

Oozing slashes – a sounding like


A spell under him

Please penetration

Fugue state

Stiff hollow

Quietude torture

Hypnagogic hallucination

A rare peaceful confusing wavelength

Grab a-holt

Of language swirl

Pinned on kite-tail

Roll when you fall

Soft safety crimes

A walk with me and guilt again

I . his car last night

Sodium pentothal interview


-Written for a waitress at Alexandria, Virginia’s Fish Market –circa 1990

1 comment:

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

So, what happened after she called the cops and reported you?