Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Evolutionary nicknames

Although I only have a handful of dedicated readers of this blog, I am quite thankful for each one of yun’s. Some of you may have figured out by now that my e-mail address is a tribute to my brother David. Every time I send or receive e-mail, I get a nice reminder of Dave. Dave of course rhymes with Smave, a moniker, which I pinned him with, back in about ’66. From there the natural progression soon became ‘Smavo’ There is an interesting story behind that too, which I would like to share soon, but for now, here is the tale of the evening:

This subject of nicknames came up one night after work, as our tight-knit crew shared a couple drinky-winkys. I mentioned the smavo progression, which prompted Carlit to mention that her dog Hannah soon became ‘Hanna-Banana.’ From there she became Banana-Bread, and then simply “Bread.” Carlit says that Hannah always comes to bread.

I chewed over this for an evening and then thought that in an alternate scenario, Carlit and her children might have started calling Hannah, “Hanna-Barbara.” From there it might have led to the Barbary Coast and then just Coast. Since Hannah comes to bread, I’d bet that she would even come to ‘toast.’

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