Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Continuing correspondance with Idaho Spirit Seekers

Our writing club is still on sabbatical, but as I mentioned earlier, trying to open something up for your investigation team up here in Hailey is still high on my list.

I think that the Angel Factor Inn on Third Avenue in Hailey recently changed their name to The Old Ellsworth Estate – or something like that. I noticed that they have a website now, but I have not perused it yet. The last that I heard, the former owner of the Ellsworth Estate, Maurice Ellsworth, is still alive and well. He’s a largely amicable man, giant in stature and in community standing. He’s around ninety years old, lives on Carey Lake, beside some natural hot springs; the drinking of which he attributes to his good health and longevity. Anyhow, I have heard from a few normally reliable sources about some unusual events they have witnessed at his old place. Some of these seem to border on the paranormal.

I cannot remember who currently runs the Inn, but will try to find out soon.

I wanted to tell you a little more about the leader of our writing club, Mr. Tony Evans. Boise Weekly will soon be publishing an interesting article of his about Ezra Pound. Tony recently telephone-interviewed Mr. Pound’s grandson, who lives in a castle in Italy. (He tried to get the paper to foot the bill for him to travel there in person, but they didn’t quite go for it) His article will touch on how Ezra Pound desired to change the monetary system in our country, along with a number of other interesting tidbits. Anyhow, as I’ve been writing this here, I started wondering if perhaps Ezra’s birthplace in Hailey –which is only three blocks away from the Ellsworth Estate – might be another place for your group to pursue an investigation. Currently the Sun Valley Center for the Arts and Humanities owns the historical house and often runs special community events out of it.

It’s a darn cool house.

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