Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gently Floating with Down-to-Earth Sacred Cows

Mariel Hemingway came into our Ketchum furniture store last summer, before the great fires hit, to purchase a few items. She leads a yoga studio here called the Sacred Cow. I actually got the chance to sit and lightly chat with her for a few minutes. I found her to be very likeable. The next day, my boss told me that Mariel wanted us to package a few items to freight to her California address. Our primary freight room is located in a place with great atmosphere – directly across the avenue from Hemingway Elementary, replete with grand sounds of children gleefully enjoying playground activities. As I begin packaging the nice items for Mariel, I started turning this into an opportunity to shield her items with some newspapers strategically opened to old columns from both Two Skies and myself. When I finished taping the last box, my co-furniture worker / secret identity newspaper columnist, Two Skies just happened to drive by with his mother who was visiting. I mentioned the signature package job complete and that Mariel would probably fall for him like a ton of goldbricks after reading one of his good columns, which I had stuffed into her package with that very intent. This gave Two Skies, his mom and I all a good laugh. However, in reality, his work is darn good and this theory not so farfetched.

To be at ready stand by, for a future opportunity like this, I should probably keep this newspaper clipping, laying about for special insertion.*

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