Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dollar Mountain Pushers?

While reading a Hopi Prophecy that R.M. recently sent, I opened an old box sitting around and happened to find one of “The Eagle has landed” silver dollars mentioned in the prophecy. I’ve been carrying it around in my pocket ever since. Yesterday, at the Ketchum Arts Festival, after paying for some lemonade with three James Monroe dollars, it generated enough interest for me to then whip out the prophetic dollar and show it off. Soon this led to an unexpected angle. After I tried explaining some aspects of the Eagle’s olive branch over our moon, the lemonade proprietor mentioned that in Ecuador, the Sacagawea coin has caught on like hotcakes. He claims that there are some forces pushing this particular dollar coin down there to convince more Ecuadorians to admire the United States. I wondered if there is any credence to his theory and if so how does it all work? For instance, when these $$’s with an indigenous person carrying a baby in her sack, started catching on, did a branch of the government notice and then start supplying banks down there with the chosen coins? Or did the coins become popular on their own and not through any grand design of our Treasury or Commerce Departments?

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R.M. said...

The Sacagawea coin is no doubt popular for two reasons 1) the population is about 65-70% native American and remain quite traditional, and 2) Ecuadoruses used the U.S. dollar as their official currency!