Saturday, August 23, 2008

Munching on Manly Moose Burgers

While moving some heavy furniture into a woman’s backyard, I ran into an old acquaintance. As he jumped over from his remodeling project to help us move the items, he mentioned that he knew me from when I cooked up some Moose burgers and served them at Oliver’s, where several of us watched Super Bowl XXXII together. Since that was ten years ago, I had not thought for a while about that fabled Green Bay and Denver game, especially the Moose burger part. Then it occurred that in the years since, Markus had shot two more moose in that same vicinity, one in ’03 and one in ’07, so I mentioned this. Later on, I wondered if any of this masculine talk about munching on moose burgers had impressed the designer and her client and if not; perhaps I should spice up the story to make it manlier:

How about? “Hey man I remember when you broiled up some moose-cheese-burgers for the Super Bowl at the world-renowned martial arts instructors’ house, when he was dating that top movie star. Some of us Steve's chose to eat the moose burgers dipped-raw in-whisky and then at halftime, we opened beer bottles on our truck tailgates with chainsaws, before heading out in the backyard to wrassle Griz and play volleyball with multiple medicine balls. As all of us were Bronco fans; after our team won in overtime, to heartily celebrate the victory we blasted cannonballs off each other chests and yelled loudly while launching anvils sky-high.

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