Thursday, August 14, 2008


Several couples got married in Sun Valley on this noteworthy occasion, the eight signifying eternal marriage bonds with a side-bonus of an easily memorable anniversary date. They had to postpone one of the ceremonies for an hour as a hailstorm spilt into Bellevue’s gullies. The parties were split as to whether this was a good or bad omen.

I remember when Virginia, one the Falls Church, Va. water girls married a German fellow on 08/08/88, and how twenty years ago she explained the significance of this date to us in the office. This week would mark their twentieth anniversary and I hope that they are doing well.

As for me, have my lucky eights have runneth over?

Perhaps not yet. I began thinking how 08/08/08 is set apart by 4 years, 4 month and 4 days from 12/12/12; the day Munch said would be my magic birthday. I almost called Susan about this, but held off, because it kept niggling within me that there was more 04/04 significance.

Finally, last night, I figured it out. Dani, one of the clerks on the dispensary where I bought this receipt, had hand-scribed a peace symbol on their calendar. Remembering how strong a peacenik warrior she is, reminded me of something I wrote about Peace Symbols for Orwell Today and how the fours fit in like a perfect solution to this tiny numerology puzzle.

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  1. Wait, you bought that receipt? Or, you bought all that booze? If it's the latter, what do you think of absinthe? I always wondered what it tastes like.

    BTW, I'm reminded of this post from my own blog, written on my 38th birthday.


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