Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Slight celestial mechanical disorder sufferings

I acted like an August Fool.

In late July, I heard that our earth would be experiencing an eclipse on August 1 and soon found myself presuming that it would be grand opportunity to take a friend to witness the moon slowly vanish, while we watched hypnotized from a couple of Lafuma recliners out a pristine Idaho canyon.

Imagine my surprise when at the last second, I learned that it was a solar eclipse and only visible from the East Orient. So we wouldn’t be heading up to Big Sky Country to celebrate this celestial marvel. Hey, I was only one off! The next morning I shared this sobering astronomical mistake with one of my work colleagues. He seemed interested, but then he asked, “Will there be another eclipse happening tonight?”

Not on this sphere, I thought. And if I was wrong, then surely our universe has gone topsy-turvy.

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