Friday, September 12, 2008

Field of impossible Aerobie Dreams

I once lofted an Aerobie 440 feet in the field by George Washington’s Mount Vernon Grist Mill. My friend Mike threw one about 460 feet. About twenty years ago, we were playing around with the aerobie in a baseball diamond near Woodbridge, Virginia on a Sunday morning. It was sort of a sandlot field and some younger kids were playing soccer in the outfield. Mike threw me the aerobie from home plate to second base to where I was going to pretend to catch an invisible runner stealing second base. However, a great wind caught the aerobie and it floated into far leftfield. Suddenly it came down and landed around the neck of the only black kid playing soccer. The game stopped and everybody grew silent. To this day, we still talk about it, the various symbolisms it meant, etc. The good thing though was that after a few seconds of shock, everybody had a good laugh and knew all of the soccer runners were safe. They knew that the two scruffy galoots standing there in the limey infield could not have made that shot on purpose, even if they tried a thousand times, and with a smile, the kid tossed his temporary necklace back to us.

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