Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weary Burley Hoboes

I wonder if it would help the cause of any weary burley hoboes to show that they hold a two-pole permit, while fishing beside Walden Pond-like Idaho waters. How can you be guilty of loitering, when it is clear you are a multitasking fisherperson?

I think that it is interesting too, about how being homeless is either against the law, or on the cusp of being against the law, now in so many communities.

I hear that in some areas, there are now more foreclosed homes than there are homeless people.

Fortunately, there are some community leaders in a handful of places around the country, who see what a crisis our Nation is in and have had enough empathy to lighten the laws and / or enforcement of laws regarding squatter’s rights, etc.

Of course, a few bad squatters or actors portraying squatters could give these modern dust bowl communities a bad name as dreadful as Detroit. "

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R.M. said...

The mirror image was interesting, suggesting self-reflection, then leading to confrontation, and allowing to reflect on how to respond to aggression. Standing up to him without either fighting or fleeing was a good choice, deflating his energy. Antagonists in dreams typically want us to flee.