Friday, October 24, 2008

Angelic Photons


  1. A ministering spirit of divine messenger: one of an order of spiritual beings superior to man in power and intelligence, who are the attendants and messengers of the Deity; hence b. one of the fallen spirits, who rebelled against God; c. a guardian or attendant spirit; d. figurative, a person who resembles an angel in attributes of actions.

  2. Any messenger of God, as a prophet or preacher; a pastor or minister of a church; poetical, a messenger; figurative, in angel of death.

  3. transferred, A conventional figure with wings.

(The shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press, 1975)


A corpuscle or unit particle of light.

(The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press, 1975)

A quantum of electromagnetic radiation that has zero rest mass and energy equal to the product of the frequency of the radiation and the Plank Constant. In some contexts it is convenient to regard the photon as an elementary particle.

(The Penguin Dictionary of Physics, Penguin Book, Harmondsworth, 1975)

-From the beginning of Matthew Fox’s and Rupert Sheldrake’s The Physics of Angels – Exploring the realm where science and spirit intersect.

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