Wednesday, October 01, 2008

In large support of the Galena Cell Tower

I can certainly understand how the Forest Service would not want to give permission for a cell tower very easily; but now we taxpayers are paying for two factions of the government to fight it out. This reminds me of a recent occurrence in Hailey. Also reminds me of when George Carlin said that he was going to buy a humidifier and a dehumidifier for his basement and plug them both in, to see who wins.

A friend from back east, told me there is an American Legion in his neighborhood that wanted to install a cell tower on their property. Many naysayers came out of the woodwork and maybe it is not a good idea to have cell towers in close proximity to elementary schools until we know more, but anyhow, once he resubmitted his proposal with an American flag atop his tower, most of the naysayers flip flopped and began supporting his wrapped in flag tower.

Some readers probably remember that I have made some past statements in strong support of the lifesaving Galena Cell Tower. I still stand by those comments and now since Homeland Security has resuscitated this important issue; would like to repost my earlier Galena tower reflections here:

Cell Towers can be lifesavers:

The safety benefits of a cell tower at Galena far outweigh its appearance:

And; Cell phones, not cell towers, are the problem:

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