Tuesday, October 21, 2008

JBanholzer – Hailey
10/21/08 - 20:49

A potential problem with the Journal's demise, as Idaho Statesman's editor Kevin Richert points out, is that when healthy competition vanishes, readers and journalists often lose

There is a chance that this development will result in a slip of quality at the Express. However, as somebody who is a big fan of the Express (and perhaps was once their biggest fan) I think that much of our community will be delighted to see them aspire to become even better.

In the spirit of this long-dreamed-of-day for the Express, I encourage the dedicated workers to not rest upon their laurels. Think differently, and let this spur you on to improve.

Last year, Express editor Shea Anderson wrote a pertinent piece for High Country News about a New Mexican newspaper, where he used to work, that recently went to the wayside.

In this context, it's inspiring to see that the Express is excited about inheriting the Journal's 127 years of archives. Historians interested in Wood River Valley days of yore, would be equally excited to see Pre-Internet era archives, someday available online.

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