Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Senator Stevens does Alaska travel industry a disservice.

Sen. Ted Stevens claimed in his defense that it was too difficult to monitor his remodeled home improvements, due to the long distance required traveling back and forth to Alaska. As a former employee of Alaska’s sister company Horizon, and avid reader of their in-flight magazines, I remembered reading an article there, that claimed just the opposite.

That piece of writing boasted how it’s possible to have a power lunch with your Senator in Washington D.C. and still have plenty of time to jet to a quick Seattle layover, before proceeding onto Anchorage and stretching your legs there for an hour, and then zipping up to Fairbanks to catch the Northern Lights the same evening!

Alaska Airlines stuck in there after 9-11, when right as they were preparing to open, Washington’s Reagan Airport shut down for several weeks. Senator Stevens needs to apologize to Alaskans and Alaska Airline employees for besmirching the high quality level service of miracle air travel, which they consistently provide.

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