Monday, January 19, 2009

Technological tools of peace

I finally joined up with facebook. Funny thing too, the opportunity opened, right after listening to Horace Axtell, a Nez Perce elder speaking and performing prayer-songs at the Community Library. After returning home that evening, I noticed that some of my former coworkers invited me to submit story ideas for their new facebook forum. To submit ideas I was required to sign up for facebook.

This was remarkably parallel to when I signed up as a blogger two years ago, after going to the library to see Native American poet Louise Erdrich and Joy Harjo speak and then discovering that the settings on Joy’s blog was such that you had to sign up, to contribute comments. I signed up and here is the first comment I ever made on a blog.

Both events reminded me of a resonating piece of advice coming though the South American shaman three years ago when he suggested that I, "Listen to the indigenous" I find it interesting that by doing so, it's been leading me to better technological tools for crafting constructive words of peace.

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