Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Galena tower debate is one for the history books

200 word version

The Galena tower debate has come to stand for more than a mere cell tower. The disruptive battle has mired on longer than most wars, and even picked up certain mythic qualities. Some of the healthiest dialogue offered has come from spokespersons for and against the tower, who occasionally contradict themselves in funny papers and public meetings.

While some who claim they are indigenous Idahoans, say they prefer living in the Flintstone ages versus the digital; we should examine the motives of those speaking against the tower, as several hold animosity against former associates, or competitors from other fields, who could benefit by better communications.

Whatever the outcome, people will discuss the results of this Dark Age communications clash for decades. Astute
Idaho historians should include this chapter in state history textbooks, so our grandchildren may gain clearer perspectives than we have.

Even if efforts to install the potentially lifesaving tower are defeated; to complement our history books, ITD should install a historical sign at Galena, to commemorate the epic battle over the toppled tower. To appease earth-muffins and virgin snow-sprites, they could mount it smack-dab next to the new landline phone, to soak up less sacred SNRA space.

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