Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A crossroads too quick for judgment

Reading Scott Weaver’s account of Doug Scott’s mistaken symptoms turning into a DUI nightmare, reminded me of an incident back east, twenty years ago. Back then, a driver suffering from diabetic shock, wove over the median strip, plowed through a day care center fence and injured some children. One motorist who witnessed the immediate aftermath, pulled over, got out of his car and presuming the driver sitting in the wrecked car was drunk, rendered some quick judgment by pummeling the disabled man in the month a few times, before taking off again.

They never caught that man who punched the immobilized driver, but when the news featured his mistaken actions the next day, I wondered how he felt, making such a harsh judgment, before gathering in all of the pertinent facts.

You might say the same thing for this story.

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