Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Uncle John’s magnificent kite

After connecting with some ancient Arlington school chums, I dug through more old photos and posted some of these in a “Whitefield Street / daze of yore” category. Our Whitefield Street home was base for half of my childhood memories, so this struck a powerful chord, and led to an interesting dream that night: Uncle John was sitting on the stoop outside our front porch and I could see that he was holding a kite string. Not until I peered around the branches did I see how amazingly high it was. I asked him what he thought its altitude was and he remarked, “Around 19,000 feet!”

While gazing at the kite, I realized that it was one continuous string, with no tie-togethers. Usually my vision would never have been capable of perceiving this, but in the dream, my eyesight was extremely sharp.

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