Saturday, July 25, 2009

Late night wake up calls may have helped you

It was with great interest I read your viewpoint, “Hiding cell phone accident-data probably cost lives.” In addition, I do agree with many aspects of the dangerous elements regarding driver’s poor decisions, when it comes to driving in busy traffic, while trying to talk on cell phones.

Yet, I would also like to point out that during the course of my seven-plus years as your Circulation Manager; each dedicated driver, including several with extensive military and / or law enforcement backgrounds, who ever headed down to your Burley Reminder printing press, all admitted at some point; to having a hard struggle staying awake at the wheel.

As we realized this problem, I would sometimes call the drivers, as they were enroute back to the valley with fresh papers, on their long lonesome haul. We would do our best to strike up stimulating conversations, and to see if any new problems had cropped up during the night.

Some were thankful for this protocol and I would encourage any of your current and future managers to follow the same procedure.

In addition, it will be refreshing to read the Express, not suppressing this cell-phone safety-counterpoint.

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