Monday, August 24, 2009

In strong support of Ketchum

300 word version

Intermittently, I’ve heard comments that disparage the town and townspeople of Ketchum. Some will say, “I have no desire to visit Ketchum, or any of the people up there.” That’s too bad, because if you take a closer look; this pedestrian-friendly town offers much for young and old, rich and poor.

Like most towns, Ketchum has changed over the years. Yet it still holds many elements of a true western town. When it comes to weather, Ketchum is in the top 10 percentile of sunniest towns. The people are equally sunny and there is ample reason for this. A river runs through it, offering opportunities for enjoyable fishing and water sports. We have a popular YMCA. On summer Tuesdays, a vibrant farmers-market attracts vendors and customers from throughout South Idaho. After that, live-music performers play freely til twilight in the Forest Service Park.

For the spiritual, Ketchum has more than a handful of sacred places to worship. When someone becomes severely ill or is in a crash, the community often helps with fundraisers.

Wagon Days brings a festive weekend of olden-times coming alive; as craftspeople, blacksmiths and storytellers demonstrate their trades and speak their lore. Wagon Days also features North America’s largest non-motorized parade.

The library has an extensive regional history section, with helpful staff and an oral history program. The library also hosts enlightening weekly lectures with respected authors and adventurers.

We have dozens of fine restaurants. We have movie theatres and live stage. Free newspapers, magazines and Wifi are widely available. We also have a water park, bringing boundless glee to splashing kids. On the edge of town, Sun Valley Company is installing a Gondola for thrilling Bald Mt. rides.

I’m out of words, but I hope this aids those who are quick to sneer at Ketchum.

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