Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Gyroscope of Balance

I have a friend who enjoys adventuring into the great outdoors in pursuit of collecting rocks and gems. Some of her finds, she turns into jewelry, which fits well on her, when she dons it at her waitress job. We’ve talked about how sunlight after hard rains creates optimum field conditions for finding obsidian and crystals, as they sometimes stand out like tiny stars.

One morning, after sharing a raindrop of synchronicity with her, I asked her about own meaningful coincidences. She responded; that recently, after showing off a handmade jasper necklace to some inquisitive customers; she told them on a whim, that if she ever has a son, she would love to name him “Jasper.” Within the hour a young lad of about seven, entered the diner with his family, and introduced himself as Jasper!

Soon after, she mentioned another significant twist of fate. In this case, while moving some items into her new home, she came upon an old notebook, which had leafed open to a page featuring the word “gyroscope” scribbled in her own ancient handwriting. As she pondered why she had written this singular word on the yellowed sheet, a song came over the radio, with the male singer’s voice synchronously crooning, “gyroscope.”

Next, my friend told me that she had been staying up, until 3 in morning for several days, in intense preparation to get her move finished, before school restarted. According to her schedule, it looks like when school starts, she’ll need to be, either studying or working, almost every waking moment, leaving no time for her rock hunting pursuit.

This sounded stressful and I spent some time contemplating my friend’s dilemma. An hour or two later, I re-entered the cafeteria with an interpretation of her gyroscope synchronicity. I mentioned that gyroscopes are used for keeping balance and that if two gyroscopes were mysteriously spinning for her at the same time, than maybe the universe was warning her to stay balanced and get a little more sleep, so she doesn’t crash. I explained how gyroscopes are used in Segways to keep them upright, which reminded her that she had seen a Segway after the local Wagon Days parade, only days before; unaware that it contained a hidden gyroscope. As Segways are seldom seen in our valley, it made the three-part synchronicity feel as precious as her jasper necklace and that Synchronicity rocks as much as a field of shining gem-stars.


Boldly Serving Up Wheat Grass said...

**Awesome** synchronicities!

BTW, I rode a Segway once. They're quite fun. Also owned a gyroscope. They're fun, too.

Oh, and you might mention to your friend that Nova Scotia is a *really* fun place to rockhound. We went there in 2006 & pretty much hunted down cool rocks the whole time. Brought home 4 grocery bags full.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Hey, Jim. Your tale is coming up later this week in our synchro blog, Just Segway over to see comments Friday or Sat.