Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An interesting letter in today's Statesman, from Michael Lueddeke regarding smart meters:
(letter 3)

Smart meters aren't helping consumers

It appears that Idaho Power will be getting paid for these meters three times by their own admission. There was an Oct. 18 article in the Kuna Melba News about the new smart meters being installed by Idaho Power, plus a Statesman article on Oct. 29. I've put them together, and here is what it says:

Kuna Melba News: Meters will pay for themselves in seven years.

Kuna Melba News: Idaho Power got an increase from the PUC for installing the meters.

Statesman: Idaho Power received stimulus money for installing the meters.

How many times does Idaho Power get to be paid for these meters? Won't it be prudent of the Public Utilities Commission (key word is "Public") to truly protect the public and grant the public a rate reduction since Idaho Power is collecting three times for these meters? Call the PUC and complain about this terrible treatment of the consumers.

Does everyone also understand that, once these meters are installed, Idaho Power can change your rates during the day at anytime to increase the fees being charged? One minute you are paying "x" for electricity, and then the next you are paying "y," and all this in the name of helping the consumer.


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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Sounds like another electricity scam to me!
Happy Thanksgiving, Jim!