Monday, February 15, 2010

After submitting the above tribute to Elk, I was pleasantly surprised to see a few hunters temporarily exchange their arms for pens and scribe some poetic items good enough to probably make Lawrence Ferlinghetti smile. While much of the thread has taken on a (mostly healthy) continuing dialogue about the wolf situation, I did discover a few gems of insightful wisdom, I never noticed before. Especially this one:

"The hunters are competing for the same game with the wolves and trying to cut down the wolf population. Analogously, elsewhere, the under-educated are competing with Mexican immigrants for jobs...trying to get controls on immigration."

One other observation:

Commenting about Olympian-level Elk on the Warm Springs Golf Course started for me exactly four years ago today:


I did not know that Fish and Game had planned it at the time, but the last round-up of Elk occured the next day, Feb. 16, 2006:

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