Saturday, May 07, 2011

Halfway to revealing of Arbor Day time capsule

In the spring of 1986 I was part of Fall Church’s Beautification team. Our dedicated landscape crew consisted of Julie, Henry, Lawrence (Butch), James (Pee Wee) and I. For Arbor Day that spring, our group planted a six foot redbud tree a few feet off the curb in the parking lot directly across from the police station downstairs entrance. At the time, some city officials (from the personnel office?) made a photo op of the tree planting and created a time capsule with the snapshots, along with various other pertinent items of the era; including local newspaper clippings, and copies of the Cherry Hill Chronicle.


Later on, after inquiring more about the time-capsule, we learned that it was not buried anywhere on the grounds, but rather filed away in a secure cabinet somewhere in City Hall. As this week marks the halfway point to the grand revealing of our time-capsule, I wonder if any of the current Falls Church personnel have knowledge of its whereabouts.


Furthermore, as many municipalities have begun using online calendars that reach decades ahead, I would like to suggest that Falls Church personnel note on their calendars that Arbor Day of 2036 is the day for the grand revealing that we were promised. Meanwhile, I will mark my own day-planner in such a way that if I am lucky enough to still be alive in 25 years, I would be delighted to attend the small ceremony of the time-capsule re-opening.

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